My New Book!

My New Book!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fences Movie Review and Book Signing Reminder

First thing First.  Please don't forget to come to my first book signing on Saturday, February 25th, 1p-3p at Bookman's in Mesa. 

Click For Directions:  Map to Location

My Review of the movie: Fences

Some Fences are built to keep people out, others to keep people in. As far as pure enjoyment, I give this a 4 out of 5. It's not the easiest movie to watch. Here is someone that you love to hate. Denzel plays a black man living in an urban town in 1950's America. His faithful wife of 18 years stands by his side as he struggles with the man he has and has not become. A self-proclaimed loser, he does his best to see that his family is put first.  Problem is, he constantly reminds them of the sacrifice he is making on their behalf and how grateful they should be.

His second son is trying to break free of his father's constant iron rule but finds it difficult to separate from a tradition that puts fear first. 

You can tell that this movie was adapted from a play. I think there is a total of six characters in the movie with Denzel playing front and center throughout almost every scene.  The dialogue is so rich and heavy that it's sometimes hard to keep up with the back and forth banter. Viola Davis plays his wife who has dreams of her own but gives them up to play the dutiful wife.

The acting is top notch. Denzel does what Denzel does so well. Creates confusion and chaos by keeping calm when one should explode and exploding when one should keep calm. You keep waiting for him to smack someone around but he'd rather use his words to belittle them instead.

For pure acting, it's a 5 out of 5. Both Denzel and Viola deserve the Oscar. I have no doubts Viola will win but Denzel is up against Casey Affleck and it's a dead heat.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Photos from Tempe Changing Hands and Funny Video

Headed to Changing Hands in Tempe to drop off a copy of my book and to see where they had me. Snapped a couple of pics and shot a funny video. Enjoy.

So Angelic

So Strong

and...such a great salesman.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Movie Review's for SpLiT, Founder, and Sleepless. Also some pictures from latest Bookstore.

Here are some pictures and a short video of my book at the Phoenix location of Changing Hands. Go down further for Movie Reviews.

It looks like I've been busier watching movies than paying attention to my book but for good reason. I'm waiting for the second edition of my book to come out to really make a push. And so, why I wait and Oscar season is here, I might as well see some movies. Saw three last week. Woo Hoo. Here is the first and the worst.

SLEEPLESS: 1 out of five stars:  The tagline is, "Don't judge a Cop by his Cover". Which of course is a play on words since the main character may or may not be undercover. I have no clue why he's wearing a glove in the left hand. What the hell happened to Jamie Foxx. The curse of the Oscars. This guy does two of my favorite movies, gets an Oscar in one, and then basically disappears except in some sidekick roles. And he chooses THIS as his comeback?  Premise: It's really tough to describe, hmm.  It's about a bad cop that is being chased by the good cops and the mob because he's taken some drugs and wont give them back. That's about it. There's one funny scene in the whole movie and the rest is drawn out, lame action sequences that border on the realism of the XXX movie. Here is a full gun fight in downtown Las Vegas and of course, no cops ever show. Right, because that would happen. The ending is lame, the beginning is lame, the plot blows. Stay away from this one or you might end up sleeping.

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A much better film: Founder: 4 1/2 stars I love McDonald's (fries), and I love Michael Keaton so this was a win/win for me. The top description on the poster should say. Risk Taker, Ball Breaker, Franchise Wrecker.  Michael Keaton does NOT play the man who found McDonalds but he does play the man who took it from obscurity and made it what it is today. Keaton is brilliant here as a snake oil salesman who listens to motivational records to get pumped up. He is going from one idea to the next, living in a dead end marriage and hating the fact that he hasn't hit it big yet. But as the record says, "Persistence Pays the Biggest". Keaton stumbles across two brothers who came up with the Henry Ford inspired quick burger line. By carefully crafting the workstations, they are able to get out piping hot burgers, fries and a coke in 30 seconds. No drive ups yet, just quick service. Keaton see's this and finally convinces them to give him a shot in taking their idea national. What follows is a great bit of acting on all parties as they go through the ups and downs of owning a business. Highly Recommend. Great bits of Comedy here.

Lastly was: SPLIT: 4 stars. I'd like to say I was split on the film but that seems so cliche. The film is based on a nut job named 'Kevin' who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Which I believe most women can attest to at some point in their lives.  Kidding. Or am I? Anyway, Kevin kidnaps some teenage girls in an attempt to let them know that soon they will get to meet "The Beast". Whether the Beast is a figment of one of his 23 personalities or a real creature is not revealed till the end but the acting from Kevin is top notched. The girls do pretty good but nothing great. I'm not sure how you pretend to act abducted. My intuition tells me you'd freak the f*ck out but the main character seems almost serene about it. The other two throw out some fake screams and anger and the bad acting comes out. Fortunately, the main character does a phenomenal job here as he goes in and out of the different characters while trying to maintain some sense of control. It is a disturbing movie but I appreciated the creativity and the acting from the main character. I have a new Boogie Man.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Moonlight and Lion Movie Review

Let's look at the first movie I saw, Moonlight.
If you look closely at the above poster, you'll see that it's actually three different faces.  That's because Moonlight is the story of one man's experience during three stages of his life. I won't spoil for you why it's called Moonlight but let's just say it's something of extreme importance to his development & downfall.

I loved this movie.  Easily the best picture I have seen as far as acting goes.  All three of the characters that play this man deserve some recognition, especially the teenager. It's a movie of few words because the emotional depth displayed here is what makes it so hauntingly beautiful.  

The movie is essentially about a young man that is raised in the projects with a crack head mom and a deep secret that threatens to destroy him and his relationships with others. Now of course the closest thing to a 'Hood' I've been to was the I-10 through LA but I'll be damn if it doesn't fit into every single stereotype I've ever had. The language and setting is so real that you can't help but get involved in what's going on. As the youth struggles with his identity, he's forced to sink or swim in his surroundings. He starts off sinking, then just sort of floating, then swimming.

Go see this movie. One of the best I've seen in a very long time. Again, the acting blew away anything I saw in 2016 and it really should be a major contender for Best Picture. I hope this dark horse comes wins.

And then there's LION
The Poster is actually a little misleading. It makes you think that it's a love story between this man and woman but they've got the wrong woman on the cover. The trailer really gives away most of the plot twist suffice to say the beginning. 

The movie is about a boy who is separated from his brother one day and ends up 1000 miles away from home. He then ends up being adopted by an Australian couple played by Nicole Kidman in one of the worst hair styles I have ever seen on another human. As distracting as the woodpecker hair is, the story has a nice build to it.  What the trailer doesn't share with you is how long the little boy goes without a family and what he has to endure.  The actor who played the little "Lion" actually does a better job than the older character played by Dev Patel.  

The friend who I saw it with was wondering how such a little boy is able to display such a range of emotion at a young age. Maybe poverty is so rampant in India that it wasn't a hard stretch for him but he did do amazing. He easily stole the film.

Dev plays the older version of the boy who is a broken soul. Forever tormented by the fantasy and guilt that came with losing his family and the hope that he will one day find them again.

The movie actually moved me to tears. Much more than 'Moonlight' even though Moonlight was a much sadder story.  A large part of this was due to the sweeping soundtrack and beautiful location.  You sort of get lost with him and you're certainly rooting for his victory. 

In Moonlight there's nothing to root for except you feel so sorry for the tortured soul that you are sort of sitting there with your mouth agape.

Both films were great although as far as a film that should win award accolades, it's not even a contest; Moonlight wins by leaps and bounds.