My New Book!

My New Book!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW: A Cure for Wellness

The only thing this movie cured was my insomnia.  What a big disappointment from an otherwise cool premise.  

I don't know the main actor's name but he looks and acts a little like a young Leo Dicaprio. In fact, this movie had Shutter Island written all over it with one exception: Shutter Island was actually really good.

The premise is that this hotshot young consultant is sent deep into the Swiss Alps to a Spa Resort where he must find the CEO of a major company and bring him back to the states. Sounds simple enough except that our young Leo starts to notice that people are a little off their rocker at this place.  He eventually takes the red pill into the rabbit hole and starts trying to solve the puzzle of what's really going on while simultaneously searching for the elusive CEO. 

The creepiness is there but it's not in your face which is a good thing for some.  I for one, wanted to see the strange and bizarre twist. And showing me old nude people is not what I had in mind although that was bizarre.

The ending leaves you feeling deflated and glad that it's over so you can go home and drink the real cure for wellness: scotch. 

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