My New Book!

My New Book!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Tao of D Rock

It's been a little while since my last post so I wanted to fill you in on the latest.  I was feeling a little down lately as sales have waned off and the reality hit me that the book isn't going to sell itself.  So, here are the steps I'm taking to put my book (and my psyche) back online:

1. I just sent out ten physical copies of the book to different comedians, talk show moguls and respected humor authors.  Each book had a short note that above all (lied) I hope they can just sit back and laugh while they enjoy the book.  And if (please baby Jesus) they would like, I'd love to be a part of any program, talk show, etc. that they have to discuss the book.

2. I just wrote my first draft of my press release for the book. You would think this might be easy but it's more challenging then it seems. There's no, "set format" for press releases and you have to try to be formal yet clever. 

Fortunately my awesome sister Kellee... looking it over, chopping it apart and helping me piece it back together: I'll post it when it's done. 

3. When said press release is done, I will be sending it out to every Arizona newspaper I can think of. I will also be sending it out to local T.V. and news stations.  I will then be paying a company to email / fax it to over 2500 national newspapers / journalist in the hopes that someone picks up my story. This is a really crucial step.

4. I will be purchasing a list of about 500,000 teachers, principals, college professors and staff and launching a mass press release email. This is done through a company that sends out 100,000 a month for a set-price. The goal here is simple, push copies out the door and hopefully gain some positive reviews on

5. I will be emailing about 25 Amazon book reviewers who have purchased and positively reviewed books that are similar to mine. I will offer them free copies of the book for an honest review and pray (please baby Jesus) that they give me some positive reviews. Positive reviews on Amazon are really what help drive my traffic.

6. If necessary, I will sell my sister Kim's body for extra marketing money although I'm not sure if $100 is enough to do much.  Okay, okay, $50 then. $25???

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